How to Properly Organize the Trunk of Your Car

It is not uncommon for road users or travelers to find themselves having to drive with a particularly full trunk, as part of a holiday trip for example. While all drivers know how to best fill the trunk of their vehicle, many drivers do not yet know it could be particularly useful to facilitate the organization of their trunks when they plan to travel with a lot of luggage. All these tips can then prove beneficial not only for their safety but also for their comfort.

The Challenge

It’s been going on for years for many vehicle owners and storing your car trunk is still as hard as ever! Here are some recommendations:

  • Place the largest items in the trunk and place the bulkiest suitcase first and then add the other belongings afterwards.
  • To wedge the belongings between each other, do not hesitate to use the smallest and most malleable bags. Towels, blankets will also do very well.
  • Think of your car trunk as a game of chess and nest things by shape.
  • Another tip, to save space is to think of the perfect compress bag to compress clothes or other bulky linens!
  • Get a car trunk organizer to put everything into their own space and tucked away in a corner, freeing up other space for luggage.

The Solution

The trunk of the car is rarely enough to carry everything you want, solutions exist to increase the capacities of your vehicle. Let us look at some of the solutions below. The car trunk organizer allows you to significantly increase your load, all without clutter (always remember to check the condition of your roof racks or buy them in advance to be ready on the day of departure). No more trunks too small, embark everything you want with a soft, rigid, compact car trunk organizer.

Carrying Larger Loads

However, choose a spacious car trunk organizer, if you like to load without counting (bring your mattress, inflatable boat, bikes, tent, tables, chairs, barbecue …). Bulkier the car trunk organizer is intended for larger loads. Most vehicles do not come with car trunk organizers and so, we find many drivers just throw things in their trunks and then when it is ready to go on a road trip with the family, they have to unload everything and put it in the garage. This takes up a lot of time and many partners are impatient with this. Therefore, it is best to get a car trunk organizer where everything is neatly stored, and you don’t have to unload them. 

Safety Equipment

No road user is ever safe from suffering a breakdown or seeing his vehicle come to rest on the side of the road. However, many motorists are used to driving with their safety equipment, such as their high-visibility vest, at the back of their trunk. However, this situation can be problematic when motorists who have left with their trunks full are confronted with such a situation. To avoid having to empty their entire trunk to find their high-visibility vest, drivers are strongly advised to take them directly out of their trunk to position them under their seat or in the doors, in places where they will be easily accessible in case of problems. Or the better alternative is to get a car trunk organizer where you would keep all the necessities you need for the road. 

Storing Items

Store items from the largest to the lightest. Not all the luggage that motorists put in the trunk of their car is the same size, or weight once it has been filled. Drivers must therefore fill the trunk of their car starting by putting the heaviest and largest luggage as low as possible, close to the backrest of the rear seats. The lower the heavy elements are positioned in the trunk of the vehicle, the less likely they are to unbalance the car when it is driving. A large car trunk organizer would be the ideal solution for storing items in a compact way.

If the trunk of a car can accommodate a large number of luggage, bags and other useful containers as part of a trip, it is rare that they are perfectly cubic and they have instead many gaps, leaving unnecessary spaces. However, road users will be able to use these unused spaces to store smaller bags or belongings. Be careful, however, because the bags, boxes and other elements installed in the trunk of cars can move during the journey and exert more or less significant pressure on objects positioned in these hard-to-reach corners. It is therefore strongly recommended to avoid positioning fragile elements in these spaces, so that nothing breaks inside the trunk. A car trunk organizer would solve this problem. 


Finally, many drivers use towels or bags to wedge the other luggage, in order to avoid the possibility that they move. To combat all of that, the ideal solution for this is the car trunk organizer. With it, you don’t have to be concerned about space. CLICK HERE to BUY yours NOW and enjoy free shipping. 

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