Where to Place Blind Spot Mirror on Car

Car Blind Spot Mirror

You may be wondering where to place blind spot mirror on car. Well, you came to the right place. The side view of your vehicle, also known as the blind spot, is a kind of visual “aid” in which we can reference a vehicle that comes from behind or from another lane. That is, positions that prevent the driver of the vehicle from seeing other vehicles that drive on the same road or in opposite lanes. In some instances, other vehicles might want to switch lanes without the other driver being able to see, and that can trigger possible traffic accidents.

Positioning Your Mirror

For the same reason, and before starting the vehicle, it is important to position the different mirrors to avoid any problem. Have you ever wondered how you have to place the rearview mirrors to avoid the dreaded blind spots? Now you can get out of trouble, all thanks to the blind spot mirror as an addition. If you purchased your vehicle and it did not come with a blind spot car mirror to help you see when to switch lanes, then you can always get a blind spot mirror to add on top of your existing mirror. 

Seeing the Essential Part of the Vehicle

In this article, you will become aware of “where to put blind spot mirror on car,” and “where to put blind spot mirror on passenger side,” and the driver ‘s side. Every time a car disappears from the central mirror it must immediately appear in the side mirror. For this to be possible, it will be essential to adjust the mirrors correctly. In the side rearview mirrors, we only have to see the essential part of the vehicle, such as, for example, the handle of it. The more of the car you see in your mirror, the more chances you have of effectively dealing with a blind spot during your trip.

The Driving

When you drive a vehicle, your vision does not cover all directions, whether by car, motorcycle or van: there is always a blind spot that you do not control, with the consequent risk of accident. 

90% of the information you receive from the environment comes through sight, so this is essential when driving. Although you have the help of rearview mirrors – both interior and exterior – it is inevitable that depending on each type of vehicle there will be blind spots to which special attention must be paid to reduce the risks as much as possible. Specifically, we refer to the side and rear area of the vehicle in which the driver does not have all the vision despite using the rearview mirrors.

Why Do Blind Spots Exist?

The answer lies in geometry. The field of view provided by rearview mirrors is delimited by the straight line that comes out of your eyes, is reflected in each of the edges of the mirror and extends backwards. Everything outside this zone becomes invisible to the driver. This non-visible area is greater the larger the vehicle and the worse the mirrors are adjusted to the driver’s position.

Car Blind Side

It is important to know where these blind spots are located in each vehicle to avoid being in that position, since they could collide with you in case of lateral displacement, especially if you circulate with a small vehicle such as a moped, motorcycle or bicycle. 

The Solution

To avoid blind spots, manufacturers already offer driving assistance systems in their vehicles with this objective. It is known as blind spot detector or blind spot mirror. Its mission is to identify the presence of vehicles on the sides of the car, specifically in blind spots, and alert the driver with an acoustic or luminous signal in the rearview mirror or through a vibration in the steering wheel or handlebars of a motorcycle or bicycle, and thus avoid a collision. Other systems help the driver in reversing or parking maneuvers such as the reversing assistant or systems that help to park safely. Get your bling spot car mirror by clicking here. Here is another option – CLICK HERE

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